Don’t quit

I hate quitting.I have made a commitment to succeed at whatever I desire to achieve.I will never quit.It does not matter what the goal is learning a new language,real estate ownership, a successful internet business.I will be successful because I will not quit.

I have noticed that the people that quit have developed a behavior habit pattern of quitting.They will start something and when encountering hardship quit and go on to doing something else. They will repeat this cycle of starting and quitting a variety of activities.

People that quit are making choices decisions to act behave in accordance to the feelings emotions to do the repetitive action of quitting. Whenever anyone do an action or behavior repeatedly feelings emotions develop to do the repetitive action behavior again.This is true regardless if the repetitive action is good or bad.The solution is to make choices decisions to do repeatedly constructive productive actions. Feelings emotions will develop to do the constructive productive actions again repeatedly. You can develop feelings emotions that are aligned with the achievement of your goals. Feelings emotions urging you to do right actions instead of the wrong actions .

To quit is to rob oneself of success.Successful results certainly will be experience,if you do not quit.Continue on persisting doing the activities of achieving your goals. Don’t quit!