Many people believe unquestionably the traditional customary beliefs of the society they live in. The traditional customary beliefs they believe shape their experiences and determine their experiences .The foundation of their experiences is built upon unquestionably believing the ideas thinking beliefs of society. The masses of people conform to thinking of as reality traditional customary beliefs of society .

Liberation comes from transcendental thinking. My definition of transcendental thinking is non conformity thinking. My definition is different from the dictionary mumbo jumbo definition. To me transcendental thinking is simply thinking differently than the masses of people around the world. I believe defining transcendental thinking in this way you can apply transcendental thinking to every area of your life .Altering the definition of transcendental thinking you make it practical in every day life. You can apply transcendental thinking to solve any situation or circumstance.

You have to destroy the psychology foundation built upon society ideas thinking beliefs. Realize the ideas beliefs of society is only ideas not reality. The whole foundation of your experience is changed when you realize the ideas beliefs of society is not reality.

It is important to understand how profound this truth is.The limitations people experience,the conditions of their life is based on the foundation of a belief system.Beliefs can be changed but people choose to unquestionably undoubtedly firmly believe the ideas beliefs of society is reality .

The foundation of the limitations people experience is believing the ideas beliefs of society is reality.